In Poland, in the town of Kórnik held from 09.05.2019 to 17.05.2019, will be held tournament " International Tournament
Of Draughts Programs 2019 ". The tournament will be played by a Swiss system consisting of nine rounds, time for a game
20 minutes + 15 second for 75 moves. During the tournament I will use the program DraughtsArbiter Pro. The tournament
is played on two identical computers with the following hardware parameters:

In tournament will be attended by the following programs.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to Hendrik Veenstra.
Special thanks
Bartosz Socha, Marcel Kosters, Jacek Pawlicki, Adam Curyło.
Special thanks for programmers
Edgar Gilbert, Jelle Wiersma, Bert Tuyt, Michel Grimminck, Vasily Naumik, Alexey Odnoklubov, Victor Naumik, Harm Jetten,
Gerard Taille, Frank Mesander, Adri Vermeulen, Fabien Letouzey, Stef Keetman, Jan Jaap van Horssen, Klaas Bor, Alexander
Presman, Rein Halbersma, and other programmers I have not mentioned.